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Pluie verglaçante / Frozen Rain #3
Exposure Bias:
200 mm
f 5.6
-0.33 EV
Iso 200
Nikon AF-S 18-200mm

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Pluie verglaçante / Frozen Rain #3

Encore une vue rapprochée en exposition longue, mais de l'herbe cette fois-ci

Again a close-up and long exposure shot, the grass


  • NIKON D200
  • 200 mm
  • f 5.6
  • 9s
  • Iso 200
  • 2006.12.01 - 21:30


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19 Comment(s)

  • C'est très joli ça Julien! J'aime particulièrement la belle lumière qui traverse la glace, un très bel élcairage.
    Jean-Frédéric @ 2006-12-08 21:42
  • I like how the highlights in the background look like stars.
    geckonia @ 2006-12-08 22:06
  • Excellent! Really beautiful.
    Laurie @ 2006-12-08 22:13
  • This is fantastic! It looks almost alien.
    Graham @ 2006-12-09 01:04
  • stunning great shot! wow..
    markus @ 2006-12-09 06:16
  • We've got lots of rain but none of it frozen. Lovely paterns and the light shining through gives a real xmas feel.:-)
    Dave @ 2006-12-09 06:23
  • Hey Julien, I wonder why you used such a long exposure. Was it taken in very low light conditions? It looks like daylight! Great shot though; something unique well captured, congratulations
    Cas @ 2006-12-09 06:28
  • Amazingly beautiful! As usual :-).
    Tessa @ 2006-12-09 07:59
  • Merci a tous / Thanks everyone

    > Cas : We had this rain during the all day, it became really thick when the night had already fallen. So, that's it, this picture was took in the parc next to my home in very low light conditions since it was 21h30. I think I used a bit my electric flashlight on this one (just a little fill light) but the main light source was a street lamp not far from that point. The picture was really too yellow, so the white balance was readjusted ;)

    Julien @ 2006-12-09 09:33
  • Comment mieux sentir qu'à travers cette photo à quel point chaque brin d'herbe est un univers en soi !
    Jonas @ 2006-12-09 18:01
  • Very cool, the lighting is looking great
    Taswir @ 2006-12-10 00:43
  • The detail is excellent! Such as beautiful image.
    Craig @ 2006-12-10 12:53
  • beautiful shot once more. It's incredible the amount of ice around each blade of grass. The backlighting works really well.
    Andy L @ 2006-12-11 04:54
  • That's something you don't see every day. Thanks for sharing.
    Andriy @ 2006-12-11 13:39
  • what a fantastic macro - beautiful light
    kurt @ 2006-12-11 15:03
  • What a great shot. That looks seriously cold!
    Jon Swainson @ 2006-12-18 12:46
  • georgeous
    derLitograph @ 2007-01-04 10:04
  • Great photos, and this is my favourite. Keep up the excellent work. I enjoyed my visit.
    Anca @ 2007-07-03 09:30
  • hi! i`m manny, i`m from Argentina..
    i dont know how i get to see your pictures :P
    but i must say that i`m impressed!! i really really like them!!

    send you a kiss!
    Manny @ 2007-09-12 19:58

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